Braintree Payment Gateway – Pay Anywhere and Anytime #braintree #payment #gateway #odoo

March 31, 2022 by No Comments

Payment Gateways are the smart way to pay through web interfaces & allow multiple users to pay with the website.

Braintree is a payment processing tool by PayPal which provides global payment services in 45+ countries & 120+ currencies.

To push your business in multiple countries & currencies, SerpentCS has come up with a module called Braintree Payment Gateway Integration, allowing users to have Odoo in the back-end while seamlessly processing payments from their customers.

Key Features
– A service by PayPal (one of the major payment gateways)
– Works on both Odoo backend, POS and E-commerce websites
– Supported by more than 45 countries
– Supports Multiple Currencies Payments.
– Real-time Synchronisation with the Payment Portal.

User Guide:


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