Integrating Razorpay with .Net powered website

April 30, 2022 by No Comments

View the Razorpay .NET integration guide here:

You can integrate the Razorpay Payment Gateway with your .NET-based website and start accepting payments from your customers.

This video talks about steps to integrate your .NET Website with Razorpay.

00:00 – Start
Sign up for a Razorpay Account: 00:24
Generate and save API keys: 00:42
Open the Razorpay .NET SDK document: 00:55
Download the Razorpay .NET SDK: 01:19
Unzip the downloaded file content: 01:28
Open the Razorpay Sample in the Visual Studio application: 01:31
Create a Checkout: 02:00
Enable system.web.entity package: 03:07
Accept the Payment: 03:27
Verify the Payment: 03:39
Test the integration: 04:09
View the payment details: 04:48
Accept Live Payments: 05:03

Create a Razorpay account to get started:


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