THIS Is Why You Struggle In Grand Champ / 2v2 Road to SSL (Without Mechanics) With Flakes #14

Flakes gives GCs and anyone trying to make SSL some solid advice In Episode 14 of Flakes’ doubles series “Road 2 SSL Without Mechanics in 2v2”. Learn how to play 2v2 (doubles) in Rocket League the right way. A series where I grind to the highest rank in Rocket League (Supersonic Legend) while relying as little as possible on mechanics to show the importance of game sense/efficiency. It should be noted though, that I will be able to utilize more mechanics the higher rank we get, this is because if I just do nothing we of course won’t win in the highest ranks! I will do my best to make it hard and a challenge for myself though and will keep my mechanics LOWER than the basic mechanics of that rank. So we’re not gonna air dribble, we’re not gonna ceiling shot, we’re not gonna flip reset etc. BUT we WILL for example be able to do simple dribbles in champ or higher. I will try to keep it as simple and easy so that you guys can hopefully use the strategies and easily rank up yourself! Thanks for watching and any feedback is always greatly appreciated!
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1v1 Road To SSL Playlist ️
2v2 Road To SSL Playlist ️
Powerslide Cut Tutorial ️
Editor @Zeisix RL :
Camera Settings:
FOV: 107
Distance: 310
Height: 100
Angle: -5
Stiffness: 1
Swivel Speed: 7
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0:00 Intro
0:06 Game 1
4:44 Game 2
11:32 Game 3
14:24 Game 4
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